*blozen*, een referentie van de Wereldscouts!

I worked with Iris both as a colleague when she was the HR manager of Oxfam Wereldwinkels, as well as in a consultancy capacity with her own firm “x-anders”.

“As a colleague and HR manager, she was on one hand a listening ear for the often complex situations one has to deal with as senior management of any company. On the other hand Iris proved to be an extensive HR knowledge database when it comes to Belgian employment legislation.
When we both moved on to other professional challenges, our paths crossed again when she consulted for me on three administrative assistant recruitments and a director position on project management. Iris reviewed the bulk of the applications to develop a shortlist, assisted in the drafting of interview questions and remote tests for the selected candidates. During these international recruitment processes she was the ideal, unbiased resource person handling to ensure the selection was done in a professional and consistent manner.
Never afraid of high workloads, I can highly recommend Iris for any HR processes you need a professional yet human touch.”
David Berg, Global Director WOSM, Organizational Development


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